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08:54pm 08/01/2007
  i forgot that i had a livejournal.

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11:51am 20/08/2006
  I have three extra tickets to the fair that I got for free..
22nd and 23rd
i'll give them to the first people who ask for them
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Happy birthday Frances!   
10:24pm 18/08/2006
mood: why doesthecalmgoatlooksosad??
happy birt-a-day to(oo) yoooou!

yesterday I went out with JJ to get some art supplies and had a really good time..
However, when driving home I got lost. The way I was supposed to take to get home was a one way street (smart huh?)
I ended up in butcher town..
When I went to turn around these old creepy guys were like, "are you lost little girl?"
I said,no. (which was a lie)
So I eventually found my way to downtown Louisville back up to baxter and kept driving until I got to my work where I turned to get gas and ended up lost again.....
all in all it took me about an hour or two to get home when it should have been 30 minutes at most..

I feel like an idiot..

so my schedual is pretty nice and I am enjoying the majority of my classes...I love my art studio at school.. on a scale of 1 - 10 it would rate awesome (in my book).
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long time no see   
10:39pm 04/08/2006
mood: creative
I guess I haven updated my journal in a while..

Yesterday at work a lady had a miscarriage in our store bathroom... there was blood everywhere..
We called the EMS after finding out and the lady left..
I don't understand how that could happen or how someone could do that..
its actually really sad.
On a lighter note im watching Bryan Crandall's dog, Baby, until school starts back up.. shes a sweetie.
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04:52pm 21/09/2005
  did i really hear those words come out of her mouth?
"Ill Probably fuck him?"
eww.. thats not need to know information during math class
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10:20am 15/09/2005
mood: ....
and tending to my
bruses I missed you today
because we didnt talk.
i feel horrible today.. and im not sure...
If that was me.. i agree.. it may have been not at all, but the other person.
it will be so much better when i decide ... see in some ways adults have it better as well as worse. im afraid of getting to that point because of this.. but dont want to go back either ... I also dont want to be stuck..
enjoy every aspect.. possibly really its what you make out of it.. sometimes it seems like it would be great to be a cat though.. atleast one of mine. sleep eat play.. get a little pissed but forget about it over sleep.. remember when you were little and you could run home and say mom "blah blah blah" and they would fix everything....
lastnight i thought i had a kidney stone.. i didnt so now im stuck wondering whats wrong in there...

I make rash decisions.. and you dont make any ay all..
not a bad day at all..   
05:08pm 14/09/2005
mood: good
It doesnt seem like there is much to write about anymore. I will try though. It seems a little sad to let my journal become just another page floating on the internet. Although it would only be sad to me.. seeing as how.... I am me and this is mine and it means nothing to people who dont know me (and some that do).
Anyway... I really cant wait to go to Chicago.. not because im excited about the trip.. but just because I really really want to go somewhere besides here and there. and down the road.. you know?
Things have been hectic and crazy.. and I should be doing homework.. but I feel that it really wont matter how long I wait to do it because its not like im going to understand the work better now then I would an hour from now.. or tomorrow before the class.. because it makes no sence at all.. and... its just lame..
and i really dont belive what ive been taught in school.. and how knowing that y=5*10^r/x and y=12*3^r/x put together will make an asymptote MAKES ANY FUCKING DIFFERANCE AT ALL in the way I lead my life..
oh well..
people are crazy to eh?
12:00pm 03/09/2005
  "The word is the most powerful tool you have as a human… But like a sword with two edges,
your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you.
One edge is the misuse of the word, which creates a living hell. The other edge is the
impeccability of the word, which will only create beauty, love, and heaven on earth."

Don Miguel Ruiz
12:13am 28/08/2005
you frustrate me.
why did you lie to me aaron?
01:41pm 14/07/2005
mood: dont want to work.
i havent written in a long time.
i thought maybe i should.
this summer is pretty okay i guess.. atleast it is better than sitting in class..
however i have been sitting through classes anyway.
i have to go to work in a bit.. i just thought id squeeze in a few words.
everyone seems to be doing all of their own little things this summer..
i havent seen anyone including aaron.. in a week.

i think traci and i will be going to cinci soon .. although i guess its been delayed because ashley's parents and all.

today is payday.. . . yes yes oh yay!

so.. wherever everyone is i hope you are having fun.
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working 9-5 what a way to make a living   
10:39pm 17/06/2005
having my own money is awesome..
being financially independent rocks too..
having a really fat paycheck is even better..
dealing with pre madonna customers .. not so great..
working 78 hours with one day off.. sucky too..
but getting a day to spend it all.. oh yes..
tomorrow will pay off (after work that is)
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09:01pm 04/06/2005
mood: worried
i understand.. and feel the exact same way..
cheer up champ.
10:12pm 13/05/2005
  update on life:
today was a good day..
2 days until my birthday..
kaye is a bitch.
target didnt have any mediums..
hah eightgrader I CANT BE SEEN!
that made me laugh.
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wait and see.   
08:09pm 11/05/2005
mood: rushed
i cant wait until summer gets here and the mary-go-round stops. because they are fun for a while.. but then they get old.. and you want to try the swinging shoes instead.. i think that the majority of what is happening with everything is compared to a mary-go-round and you want off but you cant so you just keep running circles..

I dont want my birthday to be in 4 days..
i want school to be out tomorrow..
I DONT WANT NINE MORE DAYS OF KAYE BETARDO or math.. i dont want to take finals the last two days of school.. i just want to be a SUPER MODEL!

hopefully my birthday wont suck. i remember last year.. this weekend a year ago was amazing.. i think it was the best ever.. i miss then sometimes.. haha..
oh.. but i get to be margees replacement girlfriend while frances is away..

I havent updated in a while   
11:23am 08/05/2005
  eight days until my birthday.
13 school days until summer.

most of your life you have a certain age and you are like wow .. i cant wait until im that age.
and then once its here you are like.. uhh.. wow?

anyway.. im really sick..
hope you all are doing better. .
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09:39pm 03/05/2005
  shes a bitch.  
aye mayen   
09:33pm 03/05/2005
mood: hrm
spring break..
friday was good.. the amigos were really nice to me and threw me a happy day party because i have been sad.
after school good lord.. ill leave it at tler woth aarons cell phone and a group of boys who acording to t "needed to be told they were white" haha
then it rained!!!
and it was speldiferous .. we rented movies and came to my house.. megan snored a bunch.
today i watched my grandpa and did laundry.. aaron hungout with my grandma and mom.. although i had no idea that he was with them and running around places with them.. (how strange)
and then my mom and aaron picked me up with my laundry and we went to the store.. my mom bought all of us sunglasses (as in her aaron my sister and i) just because.. which is cool because we are super pimp now.
and Louisville lost.. butt ahts okay baecause they made it far anyway..
there were a whoel bunch of peopleat my house tonight. so there was no privacy..
hope your tounge is okay.. haha
umm... so what is everyone doing over spring break?
because im alone for the next few days i think..
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oh em gee!!   
03:48pm 03/05/2005
mood: nerdy
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

eww.. this tastes funny listen!!
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07:29pm 30/04/2005
  you sting like vinegar in the eye.
Really glad latley there may be no more brown for me next year.
Glad for you that your days can go smoother.
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Ill be the moon when the sun goes down just so you know im still around.   
02:10pm 29/04/2005
  I guess I think of you as my coca-cola bottle. When you buy it, you always think that it's yours and you can do whatever you like with it. Now I realize ive opened you too many times, and drank you all up. Im just afraid that you wont let me refill you anymore, and then my ice will melt too.. and i will be left with a glass and nothing in it. You fill my coca-cola bottle up. And im sure you dotnt know im writing to you although you read this.. I wish this goddamn bird would quit throwing seeds at my head.
Sorry ive ben obnoxious and annoying latley, but i guess part of it could be the prespring break sndrome we go through every year.