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Its hard....

to find the right cup of tea

16 May 1989
I do my own laundry, however it usually ends up being stuffed in the bottom of my closet and or on my couch. I cant spell Wednesday without spellcheck because I always forget the E. I do a really bad job of keeping my cds in their cases and they usually end up scratched. I lost my toothbrush and ive been using one i found .. am i gross? nah.. its clean. One night I left shrimp sitting out and Atty ate it.. I believe im the teacup instead of the beer as Alix O. puts it. It is interesting to me and actually quite humorus to read the stick figure "the way you feel drawings"
My palm was read by an old gypsy woman this summer and i am supposed to live into my 80's..I have always believed in that sort of thing. I will be married in 10 years and have 3 children according to her.

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